Last month Synthetic Turf International announced the launch of their new and improved EZTee® Hybrid Plus Tee Line product


Synthetic Turf International is extremely excited to announce the launch of their new and improved EZTee® Hybrid Plus tee line product.  After numerous requests for a new Hybrid product, we are happy to be able to offer the Hybrid+ as a replacement for the old Hybrid.  The new features of this product offer vast improvements over the previous Hybrid product.

The Hybrid+ is manufactured with a true 50/50 blend of nylon and polypropylene yarns, which have been specifically designed for our tee line products.

The Hybrid+ features additional nylon, which helps to offer a more natural feel and increased softness through club impact.

The Hybrid+ is also cross-stitched now to provide increased stability, producing a firmer feel under foot.

Bear in mind that the Hybrid+ is launching in conjunction with the phasing out of the previous Hybrid product.  Once supplies of the old Hybrid are gone, the Hybrid+ will be the only EZTee® product we will offer with a nylon/polypropylene blend.

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This post was originally published here by Synthetic Turf International.